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Zee HP
10 October 2012 @ 09:48 am
This is a Friends Only journal
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My friend said that the best word to describe me is "capricious"Collapse )

Me and KAT-TUN
my journey inside the Japanese, or rather JE fandom?Collapse )
Inside KAT-TUN, all four of them are equally very special but Tatsuya has a different kind of the very special-special. Also, sometimes Yuichi is screaming for my attention too, so I have times where I'm torn between the two and that results in my love in shipping them both, ロバ丸! Outside KAT-TUN, I have a soft spot for NEWS(especially Koyama, he's always been my fav in the group), Ryo (K8) and Ikuta Toma. Outside Johnny's, I lo-o-ove SCANDAL and Shishido Kavka and I listen abit to One Ok Rock too.

Journal Contents
My journal mostly contains real life stuff with a bit of KAT-TUN flailing posts too. Since I tend to post some very personal stuff, I won't be adding anyone anymore -unless I know you from Twitter or something like that.

The one public post is my very first attempt to share my graphic work, so if you like what you see, head over to art_of_clarity for more graphics from me :D It's itz_menos's graphic community but I also share some of mine from time to time. I'm still not good with photoshop and designing, and I still have self-confidence problems when it comes to sharing my graphics (or just any other stuff lol) so any positive comments can make me happy max lol. Thanks for stopping by!

updated on: April 2015
Zee's R-One Marathon Flail posts are in amendment progress
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Zee HP

Well, honestly saying, I'm really not the type of person who share my own graphic works with others, cause I'm not confident with it and I suck at taking in criticism, even though I always want people to tell me honestly. Yes I just can't make up my mind on what I want from people. I'm a really troublesome person xD

Since this is a special occasion, I decided to share 14 wallpapers of Tacchan I made. Please, be kind with your comments, I'm really sensitive xD
(note: you can do whatever you want with these, but please, don't claim it as yours. even though I feel like I didn't make a good job on these, I put all my heart on making them ._.)

[14 Wallpapers]
[ 1366x768 || 1366x768 ]

[ 1366x768  || 1366x768 ]

[ 1366x768  || 1366x768 ]

[ 1366x768  || 1366x768 ]

[ 1366x768  || 1366x768 ]

[ 1366x768  || 1366x768 ]

[ 1366x768  || 1366x768]

Scans used:
* [Wink Up] 13.06, 13.10
* [Myojo] 13.01, 13.02
* [Popolo] 13.01
* [Duet] 13.02, 13.10
* [Potato] 13.10
* [Popeye] 2009.03
* KAT-TUN CHAIN 2012 Tour pamphlet

Hope y'all like them! ()
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I'm listening to: Marie Antoinette - 上田竜也 (Mouse Peace)